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How USA Racing Car Legend Slick Mills Used Short-Term Car Insurance to Avoid Ruin While on Holiday

You would think driving about in Montreal would be safe. Well, for some people it can be a very harrowing adventure.

Take, for example, the adventure that befell American racing car legend Slick Mills. Slick had only one minor accident in his 25 year racing career. However, while he was in Montreal on holiday, He got into a serious wreck that nearly ruined him financially.

However, he was able to escape financial ruin because he took out a short term motor insurance policy  (he thought was too expensive) prior to his departure in his hometown of Lenends, Utah. This policy allowed him to pay for the damage that was the result of a bizarre incident that to this day leaves him dumbfounded.

It happened while Slick was driving about on holiday along Montreal's Avenue Du Parc one September morning. Slick was driving his auto back to his hotel when a cat suddenly darted out on to the street to avoid people who were throwing rocks at him.

The cat was running so fast across the street that Slick Mills had little time to react. Thankfully, Slick's training as a race car driver allowed him to turn his vehicle quickly away from the cat.

Regretfully, Slick turned his vehicle so sharply away from the cat that he ended up crashing his auto into a light pole. Luckily, neither the cat nor Slick was seriously injured.

Slick and several witnesses called the police to report the incident. When the police arrived, they helped Slick and the cat tend to some minor bumps and bruises. The police also helped Slick call a tow truck to haul away his vehicle to the scrapyard.

Slick then spoke with the police so they could write up a formal accident report. The process took some time as local police wanted to make sure that the cat's actions were indeed the main source of the accident. However, local police officials later determined that the cat's actions were indeed the main source of the accident.

The report came in handy when he rang his insurance agency to report the incident. It came in handy because it allowed his local underwriter to use Slick's policy which he bought from here to pay for the damaged vehicle and light pole. Slick's underwriter was able to use Slick's short-term causality and property damage cover to pay for the light pole and the vehicle in a jiffy.

Moreover, Slick only had to pay a small towing fee to send his vehicle to the scrapyard. This helped him avoid serious financial ruin because it turned a large liability into a small expense that was easily payable.

As a result, He still had the time and resources to enjoy his holiday in style.

Slick returned to his home in Lenends ten days after the accident after a fun holiday exploring Montreal. He took the cat home with him and named him Timmy.

The duo now spends their days puttering round Lenends in a blue Mitsubishi saloon. Maybe you will see them someday if you drive about there?

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